Group Project | It was a very collaborative project. All three designers research, sketch, conceptualize. However, my biggest contribution are to the table, especially in the end phase of the project. 
This video was a collection of  tv show clips, and digital art from the internet collaged together to create a mood for our 'future of luxury'.
It was important to us as a team to understand each of our own perspectives when it came to these 'selected elements' as well as our thoughts on luxury.
The ideation phase was the opposite of linear, and long the way to our final it was crucial that we identified a unifying theme for our interpretation of the future of luxury in our products. That theme was 'Art'.
Final context/ branding video
Cadillac 2030 furniture vision directed and filmed by John Coates, Visual Effects by Andre Empson.
Catalogue prints showcasing the furniture pieces.
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